Initial Commit

By Steven Leiva

I have taken the plunge and created my personal website. This website will serve as my internet presence - it will contain my blog posts, contact information, resume, etc.

As you can tell, this website is far from finished. The styling can use a lot of work, the About page is incomplete, and there are not many posts.

There are, however, a few features that the site supports, such as:

Publishing: Publishing is as easy a three-step process: create a markdown file; commit to git; push to master.

Tag List: Posts can be tagged with zero, one, or many tags, and those tags will appear in the All Topics page.

Syntax Highlighting: I will be using this website primarily to write about programming, so formatted / highlighted code is a must. Just check out the React code below!

var React = require('react');
var Markdown = require('react-markdown');

  <Markdown source="# Your markdown here" />,

These three features constitute the site's MVP. Now, we just ship it!